Top 5 Tips When Starting Your New Job

Starting off in a new job is never easy so what do you do when you’re starting off in a job that no two days are the same? Easy, you sit back while we give you our top tips on how to be a Superstar!

  1. Research, research, research! – It’s always a great idea to know what you’re walking into. If you can check out the company/event/brand in advance for what’s to come, DO IT!
  2. Know the plan – Ahead of any shift, we’ll send you everything you need to know in an email. From what outfit you need to rock to where you need to be at what time, this is your one stop shop to all the important info so be sure to read it!
  3. Look the part – Like all jobs, put your best foot forward! Come to work neat and tidy in the appropriate dress code and ready to impress your supervisor.
  4. Exceed our expectations – You know what you’re supposed to be doing so let’s put some pep in our step and do it with a smile! There’s a lull at the bar? Easy, let’s get ahead on cleaning. Just remember, you’ve the exact same hours in the day as Beyonce!
  5. Make friends – Everyone there is in the exact same position so why not be in it together? Your whole shift will go so much faster when you can work as a team.