The Road to Becoming a Get the Shifts’ Superstar

At Get the Shifts we pride ourselves on providing our clients with skilled and experienced temporary staff! Have you ever wondered how you become a Get the Shifts’ Superstar? Or maybe you want to know how well-vetted our Superstars are?

Here’s our process, step-by-step: 

  1. Applicants apply through our website, through Indeed or by emailing their CV. Our Recruitment Team then reviews their application.  
  2. If the applicant has not already set up a GTS profile, they are instructed to do so. Their profile status will either be “CV to Review” or “Application Pending” depending on the level of detail they include when setting up their account.
  3. If successful, the applicant is then invited for an interview via Google Meet. The interview takes typically between 10 to 15 minutes, and during this time, the Recruitment Team completes the candidate’s interview notes. 
  4. If successful, the applicant’s references and working visa are checked. Their status is changed to “Awaiting Reference”.
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Cartoon of woman in office
  1. The applicant is then sent a link to the online training if they do not already have the certifications required. The applicant’s status is changed to “Awaiting Training”.
  2. Once the applicant completes the online training and/or uploads the relevant certs; they are sent their paperwork. Paperwork includes a contract, handbook, registration form and Covid-19 Return to Work forms. Their status is changed to “Awaiting Paperwork”. 
  3. The applicant returns the signed paperwork either by uploading it directly to their profile or by emailing it to the Recruitment Team.
  4. Once their paperwork is checked, the applicant’s profile status is now set to “Active”, and they are added to the Google contacts so they can begin to receive shift notifications.

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