Interview With Our Superstars

Interview with our superstars banner

As we’ve said, there are lots of benefits of being a Get the Shifts Superstar – but don’t take our word for it! We asked two of our Superstars to tell us about their experience.

When did you start working with Get the Shifts?
Avril: November 2019
Raymond: August 2018

What do you like about Get the Shifts?
Avril: Just the flexibility and how upbeat the office are – they are so helpful!
Raymond: The flexibility and variety of the shifts available

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with Get the Shifts?
Avril: Really easy, only work shifts that suit you, and they always pay on time.
Raymond: Great! I loved meeting new friends along the way

What do you feel Get the Shifts provides that you can’t find elsewhere?
Avril: The flexibility
Raymond: Potential long-term job security

How does Get the Shifts fit into your lifestyle?
Avril: It was encouraging to be able to work when I felt I was able to and if I wasn’t able to there was no issue
Raymond: Quite effectively regarding part-time or full-time education or job

Any memorable/fun shifts?
Avril: Thomond park as cashier
Raymond: There’s been so many, I couldn’t name one!

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