Young People Can Get Their Foot On The Job Ladder with Get The Shifts

As everyone who has worked before will tell you, finding your first job is always the hardest. It can be really difficult to find that first role, to get a foothold on the employment ladder. You need to find an employer that is willing to take you on even when you don’t have any other career experience under your belt.

This can be a challenge when the first question asked during most job interviews may be “Tell us about your previous experience…”.

Well, the good news for those who are seeking their first role is that there may be a simple solution.

Get The Shifts has an ongoing need for people looking to build some career experience and get their first job. We appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere… After all, we’ve all been in that situation.

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We want to help provide a pathway for young people who might be starting out or looking for a way to supplement their income while they pursue their studies.

We have a number of roles available which require zero previous experience, especially around events and promotions.

These temporary positions allow you to opt-in and opt-out for different shifts or opportunities, depending on what suits your schedule. It also provides an added benefit because you can work in a range of settings and with different businesses, quickly growing up your experience and providing additional detail when building your CV.

The only requirement is that you have to be over 18.

We really believe this could provide a simple and straightforward way for more young people to start their career pathways.

That’s important because some young people aren’t getting the breaks they deserve. A quick look at the recent unemployment statistics shows that a disproportionate number of young people can’t get work.

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The Central Statistic Office’s monthly report on unemployment shows the number of people out of work throughout the country. Their most recent report included some figures which will be alarming for any young people who are seeking work.

The report showed that when the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payments (PUP) are also factored in, the total level of unemployment around the country was at 10%. That stat doesn’t tell the full story, though.

For those who are aged 25 – 74 years, the unemployment level is 8.4%, a significant drop from the national average.

What’s of genuine concern is that the level of unemployment for those aged 15 to 24 years (not including those studying) is 19.6%.

That’s almost twice the national average and means that 1 out of every 5 young people seeking work can’t get a job at the moment.

Anyone involved in recruitment knows that works breed works. We want to help young people get started, build up their experience, and enhance their CVs so they can be ready to take future steps in their careers, wherever they might bring them.

If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities we have for young people, please contact us