Benefits of Being a Superstar

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There are 100’s of benefits of being a Get the Shifts Superstar! But we’d be here all day if we were to list all of them, so this is our Top 5 Benefits: 


One of the biggest and best benefits of being a Superstar is the flexibility.

Got an exam coming up and need time off to study? Going away and need to work extra shifts the week before but then a week off? Christmas is coming and you need extra $$? No problem! With Get the Shifts you can work around your schedule and work as much or as little as you like! 


There is no minimum amount of hours that you are required to do! You get to decide when, where and how much you work. Which means no more managers begging you to work the night before an exam or pressuring you into work the morning shift! 


Behind every successful Sally or Simon, is a successful skillset!

Experience and skills come hand-in-hand with one another. Get the Shifts delivers wonderful opportunities to upskill and gain extra work experience. Employers prefer to hire employees with some understanding of the work ethics and workplace environment. Having real-life work experience not only gives you an edge over the freshers but shows your dedication and hard work!


‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ – the phrase that keeps on giving!

While we live in the digital age of sending friend requests online, nothing beats real-life connections and contacts. With Get the Shifts you’ll get to network with industry peers and potential employers.

And it’s not just about making contacts with people who might be able to help you find a job down the line, you’ll naturally bond with some colleagues and will end up spending time with them outside of the workplace! 


We work with a variety of clients at a variety of locations – meaning this week you could be working in an office in Silicon Docks and next week you could be at the launch of the coolest new product! There are very few jobs where you could be working in a warehouse this week, and next week you might be serving the who’s who in a star-studded event in Dublin Castle!