How To Efficiently Manage Your Staff

Lead by Example In any work relationship, success lies in trust and respect. Staff will look for guidance and it’s just as important to get ‘stuck in’ with your staff. A good manager should never appoint tasks that they haven’t already done themselves. Don’t create a divide if it’s not necessary, remember that staff are there … Read more

Top 5 Tips When Starting Your New Job

Starting off in a new job is never easy so what do you do when you’re starting off in a job that no two days are the same? Easy, you sit back while we give you our top tips on how to be a Superstar! Research, research, research! – It’s always a great idea to … Read more

2018 So Far!

As we pass the half way point of 2018, what a crazy 6 months it’s been! We’ve decided to take some time to reflect on what’s happened so far this year as we prepare for what’s yet to come for Get The Shifts! Well what can we say, we’ve had amazing opportunities to get out … Read more