Get the Shifts allows you the flexibility to work with the clients you want to work with.

Get the Shifts provides you with the opportunity to work at the coolest events and venues! We work with a variety of clients, staffing events such as festivals like Longitude and match days in the Aviva.

Better yet, Get the Shifts delivers wonderful opportunities to upskill with our bespoke training packages and gain extra work experience, as well as network with industry peers and potential employers.

All in all, working with Get the Shifts is an excellent way to gain experience, meet new people and work with amazing brands.

With Get the Shifts, you will have the flexibility to work around your life, your studies, where and when you want. You have the choice whether or not to accept a shift, it’s entirely up to you – no pressure! There aren’t a minimum number of hours that you are required to do. You can work as little (or as much) as you like.

We provide online training in food safety, health & safety, customer service and responsible service of alcohol which is free of charge and looks great on your CV!

Using Get the Shift’s technology, you can easily manage everything online with the Get the Shifts app. Update your online profile, receive shift offers, accept/decline shifts, view completed and upcoming shifts, receive reminders, check in and out of shifts, and rate employers and venues!

With Get the Shifts you are guaranteed to receive minimum wage or more per hour and we ensure that you earn a higher rate than with other agencies. We also guarantee swift payment for all shifts, paying you within 7 days of your shift.

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5 staff benefits of using Get the Shifts