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Hannah Wrixon

Hannah wrixon

CEO (Creating Exceptional Opportunities)

As recent winner of the Image Magazine Digital & Technology Business Woman of the Year 2019 and Network Ireland’s Business woman of the year Hannah Wrixon, CEO of Get the Shifts is committed to doing things a little differently. From innovative apps to a lively and fun culture Get the Shifts is shaking up the temp recruitment sector.

Our founder and CEO was born into this hospitality and entrepreneurial family, in 1975, and she had her first business at age 11, making stuffed toys – alas most are still in stock! 

Hannah leads a team to bring this new and exciting approach to temp recruitment to Ireland. With a community of over 2500 “Superstars” (temp staff) Get the Shifts can provide a flexible workforce to our clients when and where they need them.


Karen Steenkamp


From managing teams in Sub Saharan Africa to the balmy shores of Ireland; Karen is an experienced business leader who brings a wealth of experience in multinational business to lead our Operations.


Vivienne Crowley


Here at GTS HQ, Viv keeps on top of our day-to-day admin and systems (and gets way too excited about spreadsheets). We like to make sure she has a constant supply of coffee and diet coke; a caffeinated Viv is a happy Viv!

rachel horrigan


Rachels background includes hospitality, event management and the crazy world that is customer service! Here at GTS she tends to dip in and out of each department where needed. As far as hidden talents go…”If I have one, I unfortunately haven’t found it yet! BUT…I still have time – I’m only young!”

Laura Kerr

Laura Kerr


Laura has over a decade of retail management experience, always putting the customer first. In the office she is always busy scouring through 100’s of CVs to find only the most awesome Superstars to work at GTS. Everyone in our office knows that Laura suffers a terrible infliction called The Hangries if she doesn’t get her lunch…good job she has a secret stash of goodies in her desk drawer at all times!

Placeholder of woman

kate crowe


Kate is the Get the Shifts’ digital marketing ninja and social media wizard. Her background includes hospitality and event management.  Her secret talents include bending over backwards! Her favourite emojis are 🥳 and 🧐 and you’ll rarely find her without snacks nearby!  Her motto is “have snacks, will travel” 

Michelle MacNamara



Be nice to her, she pays your wages!